S/S12, The Make Up and how “Tops and Bottoms” Affect us all

“It’s just tops and bottoms”, a friend once told me. “People take it so seriously, it’s not brain surgery”. He’s right of course, it’s not brain surgery, it doesn’t save lives. But it is a form of therapy, for me anyway. As soon as New York Fashion Week gets under way I’m glued to vogue.com for the next month. It’s exciting, it makes me happy, it definitely helps my brain…

As Paris Fashion Week draws to a close you can bet your bottom dollar that Mrs Brain Surgeon and Mrs Rocket Scientist have been keeping a close eye. These are the looks they’ll be donning when they visit The Heart Surgeons in The Hamptons for spring break. We’ll be wearing them too, maybe in the form of Primarni, or Top Shop, even M&S. They filter down to the high street. To quote the great Miranda Priestly: “That blue sweater you’re wearing, it filtered down from the collections, it was selected for you” (if you haven’t seen The Devil Wears Prada watch it, it’s brilliant).

It’s the same with the maquillage (that’s French for make up, just because I’m feeling a bit “French” today). Hair and make up trends sneak in to our bedrooms sometimes without us even realising. Look at a photo of yourself from the 80s or 90s, even the early noughties. See what I mean? So we’re all effected by fashion, ie the “tops and bottoms”.

As with most music trends, there’s a retro feel with a modern edge to new beauty trends. In the past we’ve seen Vivienne Westwood and Galliano bring a feel of the 1800s. The 1920s, 40s, 50s, even the 80s, have all made a comeback.

For me the 60s was the most exciting decade in beauty. Everyone looked beautiful. The beehive, the liner, the lashes, the perfectly arched brows, the Quant/Sassoon bob. It’s sexy, it’s Mrs Robinson, and… IT’S BACK.

There was a heavy influence sweeping through the SS12 collections. At Mulberry we saw fresh complexions, a touch of liner, rose lips and huge backcombed, messy bouffed hair. Fendi brought a modern edge with gold and silver leaf over black liner, nude lips, finished with a sexy messy beehive. Gucci, as always, added drama with the blackest of black smoky cat eyes, no brows, nude lips and a swept back mini quiff. Vuitton went for it. Big lashes, white liner, peachy nude lips and beautifully arched brows.

These are some of the most beautiful, exciting looks I’ve seen in a very long time. Let’s indulge ourselves next spring, forget about the recession and take a step back in time. All you need are lashes, liner and a can of Elnett. Treat yourselves to a new tail comb. Spring is going to be swinging. I can’t wait…

To see these looks click here – and be inspired.