Makeup for older skin: keep a fresh face

Youthful skin might be pushing it, but it is possible to get a fresher look for mature skin. In the first instalment of her new weekly series on makeup for older skin, Lisa Stokes offers tips for the golden generation.

60 is the new 40, apparently, and so it goes that 70 is the new 50. Long gone are the days of a shampoo and set, Pond’s Cold Cream and unkempt brows. While surgery and botox are for some, most women want a more natural approach to fresher looking skin. The good news is that a healthy lifestyle, active mind and body, and the right collagen creams all contribute to better skin. Here are a few products that I think can help.


Elemis Visible Brilliance and Clarins Baume Beaute Eclair

Preparation is key. Before applying foundation use a skin booster. Try Elemis Visible Brilliance for an instant radiant glow or Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, it slightly tightens the skin and helps to reduce fine lines. Leave to settle for 10 minutes before you apply your base.

Foundation for Older Skin

Heavy foundations are a no-no for mature skin, they tend to sit in fine lines and cause creasing. Use a light, medium coverage base such as Resilience Lift Extreme by Estee Lauder. Diorskin Nude is another option: it’s 40% water so gives a natural hydrating glow. Apply using a foundation brush for an even, natural coverage. Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Brush is great.