Kate Does It Herself

As the fashion world eagerly awaited the reveal of Kate Middleton’s dress designer last week, the beauty world wanted to know who was lucky enough to have bagged the make up job. At the time, I was working on a Royal Wedding TV show for the US, so I asked an insider. “Apparently she’s doing a DIY!” they said.

It’s actually not as unusual as you’d think. Lots of brides have make up trials, freak out because they look completely different, and end up doing a DIY just like Kate.

A bride should look like a more enhanced, beautiful version of herself on the big day. A tip, if you do choose to go down the professional route, for your wedding or any special occasion, is to do your own make up before you go to your trial. This way the make up artist can see how you would look usually and enhance your look in a professional way. If you don’t usually wear make up or you fancy a completely different or “themed” look, take some magazine cuttings that you like along for reference.

If the thought of someone doing your make up fills you with dread, then opt, as Kate did, for a couple of make up lessons before the big day. This will give you confidence and peace of mind on the day.

Remember to give your bridesmaid a powder compact and lip gloss for touch ups, and be careful not to put her in a dress like Pippa’s, nobody should outshine the bride!