Hot Summer Locks: A Q&A With Errol Douglas, Celebrity Hairdresser and OBE

Want to keep your locks looking hot all summer long? I caught up with celebrity hairdresser Errol Douglas at his Knightsbridge salon to get some tips on holiday and festival hair.

Holiday Hair

Q. Is it a bad idea to colour our hair before heading for the sun?

A. It’s all in the management of approaching pre holiday colour properly. Before travelling, if you’re going to have a colour, do it at least two weeks before leaving. The sun naturally ‘lifts the colour’ leaving it looking washed out. I recommend a salon Illuminating Colour Gloss by Matrix to keep shine and provide an extra layer of protection on the hair. It also helps decrease frizz.

Jessica Speechly, Errol’s Head of Colour adds: “All over color for grey should be done a week before. This prevents any regrowth and fresh looking hair for all holiday hair. For blondes I would suggest doing less highlights then usual given that being the sun with help bring out natural highlights.”

Q. It’s said that chlorine and sea salt dry out our hair. Whats’ the best way to ‘product’ it?

A. Salt, great on food not on hair! Tie it back and use a protective spray in and out of the water, with a centre parting it’s very SS12 catwalk. Good products for sun protection, avoidance of pool chlorine build-up and moisture infusing include: Biolage Sunsorials range by Matrix, Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask and Kevin Murphy’s ‘Born Again’ Mask.

Q. Humidity causes hair to frizz, how do we keep it under control?

A. For tropical and humid destinations, there are lots of products on the market that can prevent hair from frizzing and add weight. Pack them – they’re a passport to evening glamour and better snaps. Try: Sleek by Matrix, Moroccan Oil Frizz Control or Treatment Oil Light.

Festival Hair

Q. When we see Alexa, Kate, Daisy and co they always look so glam but they usually have a luxury Winnebago backstage to preen themselves. How can we achieve a similar standard of glam from our tents? Should we style before we go?

A. Always style before you go – it makes absolute sense, and besides achieving a salon finish in between bands and camping is impossible, and it’s not why you’re there anyway! Treat yourself to a salon Keratin treatment blow dry before the festival, 12 weeks of polish with no maintenance on location. It’s also a great idea to indulge in pre-festival hydrating treatments (Moroccanoil treatments are incredibly good for preparing hair for festival life) and perhaps a colour gloss so that shine and colour are achieved before you hit the road.

Q. Are there any products you would recommend packing in our rucksacks? (dry shampoo, shine spray, hair bands etc…)

A. Yes to dry shampoo, it’s practical and effective – every festival going rucksack should have one. In terms of other styling products, again I favour giving the hair (and yourself) a break – keep it clean with dry shampoo, but leave it at that. Instead, explore pretty accessories to scrape hair back.

Q. Do you have any tips for maintaining festival hair? (i.e. is a loose plait before bed a good idea to keep a tousled wave?)

A. Plaits are a great day to night trick – easy to wear by day, and when you loosen and brush out for the evening a semi red carpet wave with a glamorous movement is the result.

Another great festival look that was seen a lot this year at Coachella is temporary fun colour or dip dye. Our colour team has seen an increase in interest with clients wishing to explore temporary looks for specific events like festivals. Funky bright colour or fun pastels can be applied quickly and easily pre-festival and wash out in about 5-6 washes. Adding hair pieces for festivals is also popular and adds a bit more longevity.

Festival fun colour was sported this year by Katy Perry, Rachel McAdams, Kate Moss, Lauren Conrad and Paris Hilton among others.